Who is the Natureguide Møn?

My name is Susanne Rosenild. I live on Moen.

I am a biologist who prefers to be in nature with my hiking boots on whenever I can, rather than sitting behind a desk. I have a specialized education as a nature guide. I am also especially educated as a “wild food guide” through the NOMA´s  MAD project.

I have been a full time nature guide on Moen for over 10 years. I know the nature of Moen really well and I am delighted to be able to invite Moen's visitors to the island's magnificence.

And, therefore, I offer you the opportunity to be guided into the  nature adventures of Moen and give you exclusive experiences on first hand. Nature and it's wealth and unpredictability have always excited me and given me a deep sense of meaning. When I walk in the hills and forests, I feel that the connection to life, to the essential amplifies. Experiencing the sensual being in nature's elements reinforces the connection to what we really are as humans, namely nature.

I am passionate about interpreting nature and the understanding of the human connection to nature, going all the way back to when man walked towards the north and occupied Denmark's coast and forest.

Below you can see a short video about the importance of nature for us people. Also some small video clips with me and with one of the animals that unpredictably crossed the road out there on tour.

"Beetle on hike"

"Naturguide Møn hiking on the beach" 

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