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Dark Sky - Nature in the dark


When darkness subsides on the landscape of Moen, the scene of nature changes, both for plants and animals. Changes in sounds, smells, temperature and light sharpen the senses of both animals and humans.

When have you last spent time in nature in the dark?

Being in nature in the dark gives us a truly unique and intense experience of being present and feeling alive. Walk safely in the dark with the Naturguide Møn by your side. Learn about the world of animals and plants in the dark and how darkness affects your state of mind.


Return home with an experience from Moen that you'll never forget!


Practical information: Remember to bring warm clothes, sturdy shoes and lots of adventurousness. Location and time are determined by season, weather and practical conditions.


Duration: 1 hour. Total price: 1050 dkk. (1-4 persons)


Ideas for accommodation:,,




The sensual Moen

Experience the natural elements of Moen that will lead you into a state of being in the moment. Do you need to put your brain on hold? And experience the connection to nature in body and soul?


The Naturguide Møn will lead you to scents that fill your nostrils, sounds that calm your mind, tastes that surprise and amazing views that thrill.


The location is determined by season and practical conitions.


Duration: 2 hours

Total price: 1350 dkk. (for 1-4 people)

Theme tours

Book your own personal natureguide and experience sides of Møn that you would never find on your own.

For example:

Which route gives the quiet Camøno hiker the most exceptional experience?

Where is the best sunset on the island?

Which coastline offers the softest beach sand?

Where is the only place in Denmark that this specific orchid grows?

Where can you find and taste the “wild cucumber of nature”?

Where is the most amazing starry sky in Møn's "Dark Sky Park"?

Where can you find fossils?

Which primitive outdoor campsite on the island is the best?

Where can you harvest your wild food for cooking on the beach bonfire?


See the themes below and decide what you want to experience!

Insight into nature along the Camøno route


Get insight into the special nature of your trip.


One thing is to select your route on a map, something else is to get to know the nature of the area for your chosen route. Book the Naturguide Møn for the part of your route where you want special knowledge and tips.


Then your hike on the Camøno will be filled with unique nature experiences that you did not even know of or would have discovered yourself.


Meeting place is agreed upon by the Naturguide Møn and yourself.


See Camøno's digital card here:


Duration: 2 hours

Total price 1350 dkk. (for 1-4 people)

Taste the edible Moen


Nature's pantry on Moen is generous. The yellow dandelion flowers are known by most people. But nature has its own Michelin menu with the five flavors sour, sweet, bitter, salt and umami.


The Naturguide Møn knows some specific locations for the sea buckthorn, the seaweed, “the nordic wasabi", the ripe blueberries, and many others. You learn to harvest sustainably for your own consumption. There are tastings and tips for delicate edible species.


The location is determined by season and practical conditions.


Duration: 2 hours

Total price: 1500 dkk. (For 1-4 people)